Thursday, 18 February 2016

God Body Disconnect - Dredge Portals

(January 12th, 2016, Cryo Chamber)

Cryo Chamber, a label led by Simon Heath of Atrium Carceri has been releasing some really well done ambient works from the beginning. Works that truly capture this unbelieveable feeling of traveling through sound. Beautiful cinematic releases, walks through other dimensions, cosmic adventures, dark journeys... Cryo Chamber know it all. One of their latest releases is a perfect example of this. It's called Dredge Portals and was made by one-man project under the name God Body Disconnect. Name of the album ideally captures the meaning of this music. It really opens portals to other worlds, and every world is different with each track. And you know what? It's done perfectly.

   God Body Disconnect is a project of a talented American from New Jersey, Bruce Moallem, and Dredge Portals is his first album. At first I couldn't really believe how mature this album sounds. The record is quite diverse and beside the dark ambient we have little moments of field recordings, electronica, piano and even guitars. There are calm moments, as well as disturbing and unsettling ones. The final atmosphere is built by narration, where the sense of watching a film reaches its climax. Of course, this film isn't visual, so a lot of it is left to listeners imagination. This is really an amazing move... In some sort of way God Body Disconnect pushed the boundaries of dark ambient to something much more. And, honestly, I'm really impressed by this.

   Dredge Portals grabs your body and immerses your mind into its own world. World totally different than yours... a world without everyday worries and troubles. For an hour you feel free, calm and cleansed... You just have to let the waves of this album do all the work and take you on their sonic ride.

   When it comes to atmosphere, Cryo Chamber bands really are something great and this record is a proof. Mr. Bruce Moallem - you surely know how to entertain and blow the minds of your listeners.

   God Body Disconnect had an amazing beginning. To make a such diverse and addictive ambient music in the first attempt is pure art and takes a lot of work and talent. I can't imagine my night soundscapes without this album. Every little moment of Dredge Portals whispers to my ear "Lay down, relax, let me take you on a fantastic journey." And there really is no choice, I must do it. You can't fight the magnetic power of Dredge Portals. You'll find out this yourself if you take a listen to this album.

- Tomek


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