Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Aluk Todolo - Voix

(February 5th, 2016, Norma Evangelium Diaboli, The Ajna Offensive)

It's pretty hard to do a good avant-garde mix of totally different genres. Only really good bands can do this and compose such tracks. Aluk Todolo - and I realise that with every new album - aren't just good... They're geniuses. I'm their fan since Descension and it's a pure pleasure to watch how they still have great ideas for improving their crazy, fantastic music. Crazy? Yes... I can't call a mixture of krautrock and black metal anything different.
   First of all - I love krautrock. Almost every album made within this genre is something special to me. This "weird german progressive rock" was definitely one of a kind because now it's hard to find a krautrock band. Of course, there's a lot of kraut-influenced bands, but rarely anyone plays pure krautrock these days. Is Aluk Todolo pure krautrock? No. It's more.
   Just the description of their music makes my brain wiggle. Aluk Todolo is a blackened krautrock with some jazz influences, very organic sound and a tribal vibe. Now just add some seriously dark, occult themes and here you are... within the brain-melting sonic cauldron of these Frenchmen. I would say this band's sound is one of the most original I've heard in years. Is the new album different than the previous ones? Well...yes and no. Aluk Todolo are still exploding with genius ideas which are perfectly delivered on Voix. The album is a bit more jazz influenced than their other releases which means they're definitely still evolving their sound. It's more psychedelic and even more darker. It is also a very addictive and entertaining album when you get into its twisted atmosphere. With every new listening I'm discovering new things in it. I would say it's a "signature move" by these French geniuses because every album had the same feeling of conquering something totally crazy and new. Voix is their fourth long-play and it seems like they are not staying in one safe place but constantly improving their sound... And this really is something special. Voix is a perfect example of experimental music and, seriously, if you think you listened to everything and that nothing can surprise you anymore - try Voix friends, and expect your mind to implode. There is still a lot to say in music and Voix shows us that perfectly.
   I was doing this review for quite some time... I wanted to be objective as much as I could. But it's just impossible. I love these guys, I love their music and I want to admire them as long as I can. Objective or subjective - new album is a monster. Perfect monster... And, at least for me, quite possibly the best album of 2016. Yes, even this early into the year. Some say that love is blind. Maybe, but definitely not deaf.

- Tomek

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